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Two great photographers meet in a historic venue that may be familiar to us but is off-limits and mysterious to many…
Their unfettered, clear-eyed vision produces true art.

b-cxr_18224 Officina Italiana Design decided to meld art and business in a spectacular project: a complete collection of 100 photographs from two leading figures on the international photographic scene, Gabriele Basilico and Mario Cresci, in collaboration with the legendary Riva brand. The resulting photobook spanned 50 large-format photographs by each and was published by 24 Ore Cultura. Limited-editions were available of some of the shots also.
This project is an artistic homage to Riva. The two photographers were given free rein to express themselves and produced very different results as they whipped the wraps off the nautical sector’s most iconic craft, revealing their true nature, through strong details and intense, unmistakable scenarios.

Gabriele Basilico brings colour back to details, sometimes soft and cocoon-like, others intense and abstract. His work is sensitive and poetic, presenting forms and details which, because they are often seen out of context, take on a whole new identity and life. The absolutely meticulous work of the craftsmen is brilliantly revealed. Very different views but all fascinating and seductive. As timeless as the Riva boats themselves. Craft whose beauty and charm have survived the decades and live on in the memory of enthusiasts everywhere.

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