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Riva Superyacht Division

The opening of the Superyacht Division hails a whole new era for Riva. It will build a range of very large 50 to 100-metre displacement craft, all entirely customisable both in terms of the fittings and décor of their interiors. Each one will be authentically unique but still share Riva’s thoroughbred DNA.  The exterior lines will be sleek and exceptionally clean.

There are two types of yacht. The first is clothed in classic, timeless lines in a clear nod to Carlo Riva’s displacement navettas of the 1970s. The second is a genuinely extraordinary design. Both are unique craft featuring styling elements that make them instantly recognisable as Rivas, regardless of whether they are 50-metres or 90-metres.

Owners will be flanked by Officina Italiana Design and the engineers, architects and designers of the Ferretti Group on an extraordinary journey to create their very own “bespoke” Riva superyacht.   Each one unique and bearing the inimitable stamp of the iconic Riva brand.

The first 50-metre Riva will build in the Group’s facility at Ancona where the current 122’ flagship, the Mythos, is already in production.


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