50 Metri Race


Its cleanly elegant, timeless lines don’t set out to dazzle but their peerless simplicity is still utterly captivating. A yacht for owners that want to live their time aboard intensely

Aimed at owners that demand a mix of style and sophistication, the Race will fit just as successfully into the superyacht segment as in the Riva world but in very different ways.

It is clothed in clean, elegant, timeless lines that, rather than dazzling, will catch and hold the eye with their sublime simplicity. This is not a showpiece yacht but one to live intensively.
Characterised by ultra-simple styling cues with contact with the sea the main priority, the 50-metre Riva differs from her smaller siblings yet still brims with references to Riva styling.

This is particularly clear in details such as the steel and mahogany handrails which have been painted with several layers of colour as a reminder that Riva boats are crafted with unparalleled attention to detail and that artisanal craftsmanship lies at the very core of each project.

This is very much a connoisseur’s boat, in other words.