Fiat 500 Riva


The Fiat 500 Riva is a car designed for a select type of client intent on enjoying the sublime exclusivity of the Aquariva Super both ashore and afloat.

Officina Italiana Design penned many of the finer points of the new car’s styling, particularly its Sera Blue livery, a colour exclusive to this special series limited edition car that was previously used on Riva boats. That main bodywork colour is cleverly underscored by a double aquamarine stripe running along belt line which accentuates the 500’s soft profile and references the hull stripe of a yacht.

Officina Italiana Design has played with both colours and accents to deliver striking luxe yet subtle details. Mahogany, for instance, has replaced plastic in the cabin and chiaro-scuro contrasts have also been introduced.
Nonetheless, the 500’s iconic lines have been left untouched, the elegance of the details shared by those two Made in Italy standard-bearers, Riva and Fiat, merely serving to emphasise them.