Aquariva Lamp


Officina Italiana Design officially unveiled the Aquariva table lamp at the 2014 Milan Design Week.

Now part of the Home Collection, it is an iconic piece that symbolises the Dolce Vita era as beautifully as the boat from it derives its name. 

Stylish and sophisticated, the Aquariva table lamp was inspired by the classic searchlights on 1960s runabouts and still to be found on the eponymous motorboat.
Its various elements evoke the atmosphere of Riva’s sublime craft: the stem comes in a choice of mambo (a fabric used for cushion upholstery) or mahogany, both materials widely used aboard.

The base consists of three overlapping steel segments and is inspired by the famous “nose” of the Aquarama and Aquariva. The segments fan out into a propeller shape.