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The Officina Italiana Design team

Mauro Micheli chief designer

Mauro Micheli was born in Adrara San Martino, Bergamo, in 1959. He graduated from the High School for the Arts in Bergamo and then attended the prestigious Brera Art Academy in Milan. After winning a Riva competition, he was taken on by the yard as an assistant in the technical office in 1984. A decade later, Micheli began consultancy work, co-founding his own design studio, Officina Italiana Design, with Sergio Beretta.

Micheli cites his main sources of inspiration as classical and contemporary art.

Sergio Beretta Chief executive

Born in 1968, Sergio Beretta grew up in Brescia in the North of Italy. He holds a degree in business and marketing and in 1994 was also awarded a Master’s in European Law. He began his career in the aeronautical sector as the station manager in various European airports.

In 1994, he co-founded Officina Italiana Design with Mauro Micheli with whom he shares a passion for contemporary art and design.

Alberto Stella Chief interior designer

Born in Vincenza, Alberto previously worked in various architectural studios but now heads Officina Italiana Design’s interior design and décor department.
He has been with the studio since 1997.

David Obendorfer Designer - exterior designer

Born in Budapest in 1974, David holds a degree in Industrial Design from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME). He worked in the automotive industry for many years before joining Officina Italiana Design in 2009.

Valentina Varinelli Executive assistant

Valentina was awarded a degree in Communications in 2006 which she followed up with a degree in Multimedia Communications and Publishing from the University of Bergamo in 2008.
She has been working with Officina Italiana Design since 2010.

Francesca Romana Orio Designer - interior designer

Francesca graduated in Industrial Design from the La Sapienza University in Rome in 2010. She has been working with Officina Italiana Design since 2012.

Laura Avogadri Designer - interior designer

Laura graduated in Interior Design from the Milan Politecnico in 2011. She also gained a degree in Naval and Nautical Design from the La Sapienza University in 2014.
She has been working with Officina Italiana Design since December 2013.

Vincenzo Dallacqua Designer - exterior designer

He graduated from the IED in Turin in 2014 with a degree in Transportation Design and has been working with Officina Italiana Design since 2016.

Andrea Catucci Designer – exterior projector

Designer. Andrea graduated in Industrial Design from the Milan Politecnico in 2001. He has joined the nautical field in 2003, working for several renowned Italian shipyards. He has been working with Officina Italiana Design since 2018